Reagan's cancer treated in Germany
As reported by Andrew Scholberg, a healthcare consumer advocate and a medical journalist
Summarized by Walter Sorochan

While still in office, President Reagan got rid of his cancer the German way.

This article [ is work in progress ] quotes medical reporter Andrew Scholberg's comments about President Reagan and his cancer treatment in 1985 by the renoun German medical doctor Hans Nieper. Although Scholberg claims that Dr. Nieper advised and rid the ailing former President Ronald Reagan of his cancer, Scholberg fails to specify the cancer site and explain why cancer reoccurred again several years later.

The articles posted on the internet are vague in identifying the kind of cancer Reagan had treated by Dr. Nieper in 1985.

President Reagan's medical history, though guarded by privacy, reveals that he had skin cancer [ 1987 ], colon cancer [ 1985 ] and prostate cancer [ 1987 ] during his presidency. [ Zebra, Doctor ] Reporter Scholberg failed to specify the kind of cancer that Dr. Nieper had attended. We can infer, from Reagan's limited medical history, that the cancer in 1985 was probably colon.

Reagan's medical history reveals that he had colon cancer surgery in United States in 1985. The president's doctor, John E. Hutton, "participated" in the colon cancer operation performed by Dr. Oller on Reagan in 1985. More polyps, said by his physician, Dr. John E. Hutton, to be small and apparently benign, were removed during colonoscopy at the White House on July 28, 1987. If this medical history is true, then what did Dr. Niepier do for Reagan in Germany in 1985? If Dr. Nieper's treatment was as successful as Scholberg inferred in his articles and book, then why did cancer reoccur again in 1987? These are inconsistencies in Scholberg's reporting and writings!

In an attempt to clarify reporting inconsistencies, Sorochan made numerous attempts to contact Andrew Scholberg. Scholberg did not respond to clarify these inconsistencies. Lack of accurate information about Reagan's cancers and the lack of medical confirmation appear to erode Scholberg's story about Reagan and his cancer treatment in Germany by Dr. Nieper.

Although there is concern about the credibility of Scholberg's story about whether Dr. Nieper did really treat Reagan's colon cancer in 1985, there are numerous articles that confirm the use of hyperthermia therapy in treating different cancers [ refer to Cancer Sunshine article by Sorochan .

So ... of what significance is Scholberg's article?
In spite of eroding credability about the success of Dr. Nieper being able to successfully treat President's cancer, Scholberg focuses attention on "hyperthermia therapy." The credability of using hyperthermia therapy to treat different cancers is not an issue in this Scholberg report. The issue is in the accuracy of Scholberg's reporting! If Dr. Nieper did treat President Reagan's colon cancer, why did the cancer reoccur again in 1987?

Andrew Scholberg's article, that appeared in several web-sites, is summarized below:

" When President Ronald Reagan got cancer during his presidency, the great German doctor, Hans Nieper, M.D, treated him. It would have been front page news if it hadn’t been hushed up at the time. Just imagine if the American public knew a sitting president preferred German cancer treatments!"

"Andrew Scholberg learned about it from his confidential source in Germany. In addition, Reagan’s German doctor acknowledged it in an interview with Scholberg. Scholberg called the Reagan Library to see if the Library would confirm or deny that Dr. Nieper treated President Reagan in May of 1985. A Reagan Library employee named Jenny responded to his request. She admitted that Reagan was in Germany in May of 1985, but she would neither confirm nor deny that Dr. Nieper treated him. She told Scholberg, “President Reagan’s private medical records before, during, and after his presidency are unavailable.” In July of 1985, Dr. Nieper flew to America to attend to Reagan in his hospital recovery room." [ Reagan's medical history reveals that Reagan had several cancers at this time. ]

"Many American cancer patients lose their hair and their vitality. But Reagan kept his famous pompadour hairstyle. He also kept his warm smile and vigorous stride."

"And after whipping his cancer the German way ... Reagan lived for another 19 years." [ This revelation is confusing as Reagan had several cancers. ]

"He died at age 93, and not from cancer. " [ Although President Reagan refused America's outdated cancer treatments, he did not share his cancer story with his fellow Americans. ]

"Many other celebrities and even European royalty have gone to Germany to get rid of their cancer. Celebrities such as Liz Taylor, Suzanne Somers, Anthony Quinn, William Holden, Red Button's wife, and European royalty, Princess Caroline, chose Germany’s kinder, gentler treatments."

"Why did President Reagan choose Germany? Because German cancer doctors are the best — thanks to breakthrough treatments the American cancer establishment calls “quackery.” " Surprisingly, these treatments cost 10 cents on the dollar compared to America’s dreadful treatments.

As one of Germany’s top doctors said, “Doctors give chemo, chemo, chemo, and patients die, die, die.” That describes American cancer treatments. German doctors use a whole new way with NO hair loss, NO nausea, and NO disfiguring surgeries."

German doctors “cook” cancer out of your body while you nap!

The key therapy is a technique that literally “cooked” the cancer out of her body while a patient slept. "Best of all, this therapy killed the cancer cells throughout the body without harming any healthy cells or the immune system! So the patient wakes up from the therapy feeling good. This incredible German cure is the total opposite of the shotgun-approach chemotherapy American doctors use. American doctors aim to poison the cancer cells with chemo, but high-dose chemo also poisons the healthy cells. This poisoning also damages or destroys the immune system — the very asset the patient most needs to beat cancer. The results of standard, high-dose chemotherapy are often tragic."

"Scholberg, in his texbook: German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics," suppossedly describes how the German doctors safely “cook” cancer out of your body while you sleep. That this statement appears in the midst of Scholberg's article looks as though it is an advertizement to sell a book.

The German cancer cure: “Cooking” cancer cells to death!"

"You’d think that a fever of 105 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit would be bad for cancer patients, right? Wrong! Surprisingly, cancer can’t take the heat. But your body’s healthy cells can handle a temporary fever just fine. Fever is one of the tools your immune system uses to kill disease.

"Ironically, it was a German-American doctor in Philadelphia, Peter Busch, M.D., who discovered that fever can cure cancer. He found out by pure chance in 1868, 140 years ago!"

"Yet this effective non-drug cancer treatment"is just about impossible to get in the United States today." "One of Dr. Busch’s patients was a 43-year-old woman with a severe case of sarcoma of the face. He observed that her cancer went away after she suffered a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit from a strep infection. It dawned on him that he might be onto a major discovery. And today’s German doctors have proved Dr. Busch right. They’ve proved that a fever — whether caused by an illness or artificially induced — has a devastating effect on cancer. Yet few American doctors today even know about this remarkable treatment that causes no side effects! You have to go to Germany for this breakthrough therapy."

"The fever therapy lasts about six hours, and cancer patients receive the therapy once a week. It not only “cooks” the tumor to death but also kills cancer cells that have spread elsewhere in the body."

hyperthermia Wolfe Clinic germany

“ "Cooking” cancer cells to death is NOT an experimental therapy. To turn up the heat on cancer, the German doctors use a machine that costs about $250,000. And the German doctors have the skill needed to operate this sophisticated machine. Most important of all, they’ve racked up a long track record of success."

"The doctors Scholberg interviewed have used this therapy thousands of times with no side effects whatsoever — none! So don’t let some uninformed American doctor tell you it’s unproven. Most American oncologists haven’t studied this therapy at all. They haven’t read the vast number of papers that have been published on it, or talked (as Scholberg has) to patients who beat cancer with it or to their doctors who are acknowledged international experts on this therapy. In short, American doctors who discourage this treatment DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!"

This is a key point:
"It’s not one organ or body part that has cancer.
It’s the whole body!"

"Conventional surgery and chemotherapy may appear to wipe out a tumor. The doctors who administer these treatments might tell you they “got it all!” And then, what do you know, a few months or years later the cancer comes roaring back. Surgery usually fails because no surgeon can remove all the cancer cells that may have spread. Why? Because cancer cells too small to detect can be anywhere in the body. Cancer is systemic — there are cancer cells throughout a patient’s body — but the fever therapy kills them wherever they are. German-style deep-penetration heat therapy is not available anywhere in the United States. Heat therapy doesn’t fit with the American medical establishment’s model of “cut-burn-poison” for cancer treatment." "

An interesting Report reveals the following:

In mid-1982, the Reagan administration "fired" the entire U.S. Cancer Advisory Board, which also advised the White House. This firing of the more or less orthodox representatives of cancer medicine and cancer research on the U.S Cancer Advisory Board led to a very interesting reaction, published in the August 13, 1982 issue of "Science." Here, several oncologists who were active clinically and in research – some of whom are known to be outspoken members of orthodoxy – complained that the advisory body had, in part, been replaced by individuals who had not previously been involved in cancer research and cancer clinics.

"By the way, something really odd happened around the time of Reagan’s trip to Dr. Nieper’s cancer clinic. The National Cancer Institute, part of the American cancer establishment, had published a pamphlet purporting to warn the public about how to recognize a cancer “quack.” One of the red flags for identifying a “quack” was: “Beware of any doctor who links cancer to diet.”

"But President Reagan had to change his diet after his treatment in Germany for cancer. Dr. Nieper told him it was necessary. And that’s when America’s cancer establishment withdrew the ridiculous claim that cancer has nothing to do with diet! Scholberg suspects President Reagan’s experience had something to do with their change of mind. Sadly, Dr. Nieper died in 1998, and his clinic no longer exists. But his priceless health secrets didn’t die with him. The six German clinics that Scholberg toured are using the cancer breakthrough that Nieper helped pioneer and perfect."

Observation: If I did have cancer, I would investigate the hyperthermia therapy clinics in Germany. The therapy concept is medically scientific. And the cost of therapy appears to be much, much less than the dubious conventional approaches.


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